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Over Hill Over Dell-My transformations of illness & healing
(1183 views) Uploaded 2/25/2011 4:36:08 PM by CheeseMonkeyMonica   (1 videos)

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Yes, in the video I am sitting on my throne, no potty talk though-sorry:)

I am just so happy I got this thing downloaded. Stick me with a fork because I am done. Hopefully not a sign of how well my programming lessons are going...hehehehehe.
If you watch the video it is pretty self explanatory. It is my life long journey over hill & dell of Illness, healing & transformation.
I thought about calling it "Sharing is Caring" but then you might expect a Care Bear & only Care Bear I feel like at the moment is grumpy Care Bear. That said I am exuberant I finally got this video on here.
I cover things from CMV, HPV, TMJ (though I think in this video I spaced it so I have added some about it further on in my description), PMS, Eczema, Rosacea, Xeno-hormones, Migraines, Chronic Pancreatitis, Hysterectomy, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Rape, Healing & Forgiveness.

I believe I forgot to mention in the video that I no longer test positive for HPV or CMV. The TMJ I experienced started around the time I was 13 or so. There were times where my jaw would lock up & I could only open my mouth about 1". I haven't had the TMJ for some time now, not exactly sure when that went away. I also forgot to mention in the video that at the time I had real bad reflux & started using the shower filter, enzymes, probiotics, EP Oil that I also quite getting flu vaccines as well.
I also believe that MSM does very similar to what the Guaifenesin did as far as cleansing the cells & is natural.

I truly believe the illness I have experienced has been a tool for my healing in spirit & soul. When our body speaks it is good to listen as I believe it is usually just telling us in a physical form what is often (not always) going on in our emotional & spiritual life. The illness is a tool if we allow it to be.

I wish the quality was a little better but truly this took me hours to get done..LOL so I am just happy it is on the web now. Just the fact I was willing to put myself on camera makes me feel like a winner.

Anyone is welcome to post any ? you might have in the comments. I am always happy to share.

Video Keywords: eczema    tmj    migraine    hpv    cmv    pancreatitis    rosacea    homeopathy    insomnia   

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Posted 2/27/2011 7:32:27 PM
Thank you! I actually was told it was low around the time I was told I had hypoglycemia as well. I looked into the rx but everyone said you had to be on for life & well that was a "no thank you." It is one of the things I am treating the numerous ways I am treated i.e., nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, chiropractic & as always asking my Maker for healing. I will check out the book you recommend you. Thanks for sharing! I just love sharing & love when others share back!!!
Posted 2/27/2011 2:40:52 PM
God bless you in your quest for good health you sweet girl! Pray and ask him every day to heal you and He will answer! After hearing your history I'm wondering if you might have low thyroid like I do. I recommend Broda Barnes book called, "Hypothyroidism the Unsuspected Illness", as well as a website called stopthethyroidmadness.com Broda Barnes was a doctor back in the 40's who used to treat patients with Natural dessicated thyroid based on symptoms they would describe to him. These symptoms can include, frequent infections (like you had as a child with strep), psoriasis and other skin conditions, dry brittle hair, hair loss, chronic fatigue, depression, miscarriage, and the list goes on and on. Basically they thyroid controls the metabolism of of every cell in the body from the hair cells, and brain, right down to the toe nails. This is why there are so many different symptoms - one system might be affected more than another, depending on the person. The blood tests

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