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One SolarWorld 50 Watt Module Two Trojan Deep Cycle Golf Cart Battery Bank and 2000 Watt Continuous DC to AC Inverter
(460 views) Uploaded 3/8/2013 11:19:16 AM by gregbirddizelectric   (1 videos)

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These products in the title are easily connected as essentially appliances which should be available in every hardware store in the nation. The heavy cable going from the batteries is needed or a severe drop or excess demand will occur. Ideally and importantly, every wires connecting every component within the system should be fused. In this case though the portability is essential to the many battery banks I have on my ten acre horse ranch type and farming ranch property. My system cost $6,000, was easy to install using a few tools, and which grid bills proved I'd saved @ $150 a month per year, starting in 1998.

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