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The Robert Scott Bell Show - "Sesame Street Gets Mercked" - 12/12/2010 - Hour 1
(235 views) Uploaded 12/14/2010 10:10:59 AM by RobertScottBell   (60 videos)

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Why did the Democrats in the House hide the Food Safety Modernization Act into a Continuing Resolution bill and send it back to the Senate? How will hiring 4000 additional FDA agents help the poor and downtrodden? Do we really need a food police state in order to turn the economy around? Is a new tea party in order? What shall we dump into the harbor this time?

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at NaturalNews.com, writes: “If you think the FDA is bad now, just wait until they are granted yet more powers (and funding) to unleash an army of thousands of new agents who sweep across America, raiding small family farms (no, they're not all exempted from this bill) and imprisoning raw milk producers.”

”The FDA is about to become the SS of food fascism,” Adams predicts.

There is still time to stop this tyrannical takeover of the U.S. food supply – I'll tell you how.

On a lighter note, I remember, as a little kid, growing up watching Sesame Street. It was great when they used to teach us about counting and the alphabet, but now the furry creatures have become fodder for food falsities. Merck has sponsored the cute little Muppets of Sesame Street to promote super foods? What else has Merck done? Hide the kids...

The new superfood muppets are a banana, a block of cheese, a whole wheat hamburger bun and a stalk of broccoli. Merck'in cheese as super food? I think not! Scott Kennedy (Super Sea Veg) joins me with a whole food update to reveal the real super foods! Unlike Merck Muppets, this segment is kid safe.

Video Keywords: fda    mike adams    super foods    scott kennedy    s510    food safety modernization act    sesame street    merk   

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