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Ask Dr Bob, Alzheimer's, Dementia and Memory Loss, Fatty Tumors, Hip Replcacement, Allergies
(275 views) Uploaded 3/14/2013 6:10:13 PM by DruglessDoctor   (295 videos)

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Statistically there will be an increased number of people having issues with memory including Alzheimer's -- Dementia and Memory loss!! The cause up to now is not known --- but as a Natural health care provider there are obvious reasons I see daily in my practice --- adrenal stress, poor fat metabolism and proton pump inhibitors. Do you have fatty tumors? The liver is key for optimal fat metabolism. Do you know there are patterns that create the dynamics for hip pain and replacement. The leading causes of chronic allergies include common foods you want to avoid. www.druglessdoctor.com

Video Keywords: allergies    hip    hip pain    druglessdoctor    replaced hip    alzheimers    memory    dementia    dr. bob    dr. bob demaria    fatty tumors   

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