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20111025_Tues_NightlyNews The medical industrial complex's agenda for vaccinating children
(508 views) Uploaded 10/27/2011 2:59:14 PM by SimisMisis   (334 videos)

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Growing police state, the Vatican's push for World Government and the medical industrial complex's agenda for vaccinating children
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Aarron Dykes fills in for Alex. He covers the growing police state and the Vatican's push for World Government. He covers the international Occupy Wall Street protests. Aaron also details the medical industrial complex's agenda for vaccinating children. There are no guests scheduled.

Genetic Manipulation: The Global Elite's "Thing"

In Alien Takeover: The End of Humanity, Alex Jones runs down the threat facing humanity as an out of control power elite attempt to manipulate and dominate the very genetic building blocks of life on planet earth. In the video, Alex compares the effort to an alien invasion like the one portrayed in John Carpenter's classic 1982 horror film 'The Thing.'

As Aaron Dykes notes in his review of the 15 minute video, in the real world, aggressive genetically-modified species are destroying naturally-occurring species while inflicting harm on those who consume GMO foods - specifically: widespread infertility, organ failure, cancer and mutations, as demonstrated repeatedly in lab animal studies.

In addition to a control freak effort to patent and thus legally own and monopolize the genetic structure of all life on the planet, the GMO monster is also being used to enhance and extend the lives of a small elite at the expense of the rest of humanity and indeed of all life on a global scale.

As Dykes notes, if we do not stop the elite's "Thing" now, it amy soon be too late to turn back. "It is vital we recognize this amorphous danger for what it is- the annihilation of our species and those with which we co-inhabit. We don't have any more time to waste," he writes.
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