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Media BLACKOUT 2012 Cheap Fuel/Energy Ignored (High cost of living ignored)
(319 views) Uploaded 7/24/2012 5:27:01 PM by MylesO   (113 videos)

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History is being written every day. Is the historical record going to show the lack of co-operation? Or will 2012 be the year of co-operation to end prohibition and make America and other countries energy independent. There is still time. Media blackouts are used, in particular, in times of declared war, to keep useful intelligence from the enemy. There is something terribly wrong, please share the truth far and wide turn things around! There is so much evidence of the lack of co-operation to share the truth while so much phoney activism get so much support. Steve Jobs tried the other alternative cancer cures Except he never tried cannabis oil and Steve Jobs died of cancer.

Video Keywords: pollution    energy    poison    coffee    sustainable    economy    off the grid    hemp fuel    independence    cost of living    cheap living    environment   

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