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Marc Anthony Deceiving Americans promoting Obama
(657 views) Uploaded 6/24/2012 5:29:23 PM by MylesO   (113 videos)

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Marc Anthony who sold over 11 million albums worldwide is Deceiving Americans by promoting Obama. Obama could have repealed the laws and ended cannabis prohibition by now just like how he repealed don't ask don't tell. If Obama had Americans backs, Obama would have a heart and see how much Americans are struggling because the most superior resource cannabis (hemp) has been outlawed by corruption and he would repeal the unconstitutional laws and end prohibition.

Governments are preventing a Free Market while people suffer and die. The government is keeping the cost of living artificially high by maintaining cannabis prohibition. Hemp Fuel can make America energy independent, and any other country, with a renewable non-toxic energy source. America could have been energy independent long ago. Does Marc Anthony and Barack Obama, even the media want everyone poisoned by toxic energy sources used today?

Nobody dies from cannabis and water kills people. Millions of lives are lost every year around the world because of lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on Earth, the best food source, the best medicine, and so much more. Everything made from toxic oil today can be made from non-toxic Hemp. Obama brags about saving big auto companies when hemp plastic is stronger than steel! America could be building way better cars that are cheaper, stronger, longer lasting, less maintenance.

You are What you Eat, I don't eat any meat, fish or dairy. Hemp is way better food with more protein and nutrients. I wish I could grow my own Cannabis (hemp) without being bullied and put in jail for trying to grow my own food and be self sufficient. Medical marijuana is a proven safe medicine used through history. Different strains affect different illnesses.

All newer vehicles can easily be modified to use 85% ethanol. Wood pellets are now very common, however hemp pellets for stoves and boilers are a much better solution. We can grow hemp locally in virtually any location, and process the hemp locally into fuel pellets.


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