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Neuroblastoma - Cancer Defeated Naturally - Part1
(4366 views) Uploaded 8/9/2010 6:46:49 AM by BobbysHealthyShop   (5 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.BobbysHealthyShop.com

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The amazing story of how one father defeated his son's stage 4 neuroblastoma. Here he is speaking at the Cancer Control Society's annual convention. He traveled the world, visiting clinics and following up on any and all treatment techniques that might help his son. His son Bobby was diagnosed when he was 3. Today Bobby is 8 and healthier than the vast majority of children. Kevin, his father has since then used his experience to help hundreds of children all over the world.

Learn more at: http://www.BobbysHealthyShop.com

Video Keywords: cancer    alternative medicine    natural treatment    neuroblastoma    rife machine   

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Posted 9/13/2010 1:23:45 PM
You are an amazing, loving, caring human being. I hope everyone watches this life saving information. The Pharmaceutical and medical industry is only interesting in making money. We are no good to them healthy or dead, just sick. You truly are what you eat.... people, please listen to this gentleman's videos and do a little independent research.

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