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Steam Engine Alternative Energy Marjory Wildcraft Interviews Mike Brown
(2009 views) Uploaded 5/20/2013 8:31:26 AM by warped343   (15 videos)

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"Want an alternative source of power that is more robust than a generator, solar panels, or wind turbines? And talk about long lived: did you know there are steam engines still in operation since the 1855? Watch this interview with Steam Power expert Mike Brown and see how much a small 3 hp engine could do for you. It's EMP proof, will run long after your gas or diesel sours, and is proven for more than a century of operation.
Get more information at www.MikeBrownSolutions.com.
Hey Hon! This is on my wish list!"

Video Keywords: green living    steam    survival    preparedness    alternative energy    sustainable living    clean energy    green power    survivalist    prepper    marjory wildcraft    grow your own groceries    backyard food production    steam engines    mike brown    home power    green technologies   

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