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Mike Adams interviews Dr. David Brownstein about media hoax that vitamins might kill you (InfoWars N
(7586 views) Uploaded 10/15/2011 10:48:45 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Courtesy of InfoWars Nightly News (www.InfoWarsNews.com), Mike Adams interviews Dr. David Brownstein about the juvenile media hoax to try to scare people into avoiding vitamins. Dr. Brownstein tears about the ridiculous conclusions from this quack science study.

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Posted 7/21/2012 1:52:24 AM
We are concerned Mike and are growing in numbers everyday. Keep it up.
Posted 10/19/2011 12:02:42 AM
I have to say, Mike and Dr. Brownstein, that from what I have seen of the public's comments on this study, that most of the comments show that the majority of the public is NOT buying this nonsense. Most of the bloggers and people commenting are showing that even with no fancy degrees at all, they can see right through this study. And these are not just comments on sites like Natural News or Alliance for Natural Health. These are comments posted on many of the mainstream news sites that have been carrying the story. Huffington Post, MSNC, Yahoo etc. So take hope! You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time. People ARE waking up and taking nire more and more supplements and paying more attention to their diet in spite of their doctors and Big Pharma, and the Mainstrem continuously attempting to tell them that vitamins are bad for them.
Posted 10/16/2011 8:10:53 AM
Thanks for outlining the flaws in this so called 'study' and highlighting Vitamin D. I love Dr. Brownstein. I have his book. Been taking iodine for a couple of years now - And my thyroid is now perfect.

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