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Antidepressant Drugs by Len Saputo, MD
(435 views) Uploaded 3/11/2011 10:31:10 PM by DrLen   (475 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.doctorsaputo.com/index.php

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Do antidepressants work? A recent review of 82 medical journal articles that included both published and unpublished articles showed that antidepressant pills work no better than placebo. This shocking expose verifies that pharmaceutical companies withhold data that does not suit their ability to sell drugs and exaggerate those that do. The sad part of this story is that psychiatrists have swallowed the deceptive data of big pharma and now primarily practice psychopharmcology.

Learn more at: http://www.doctorsaputo.com/index.php

Video Keywords: antidepressants    ssri    big pharma    corruption    conflicts of interest    deceptive    profits    psychopharmacology    psychotherapy   

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