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Top 3 Supplements Everyone Should Be Using to Optimize their Health
(2580 views) Uploaded 1/7/2012 2:01:09 PM by drmarcotv   (35 videos)

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Nutritional Supplementation has become more and more popular and one of the biggest questions being asked is "What should I be taking?" Well there are many different options and each and every individual would be different on their requirements, but I have narrowed down to the Top 3 Supplements, being that our body needs these to function optimally. The Top 3 Nutritional Supplements I recommend are as follows:

1. An Organic, Food-State Vitamin
2. An Omega 3 Fish Oil
3. Probiotics

For more information please email me questions@thechiropracticsource.com or call the office at 973-228-0500. Enjoy the video!

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