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An Open Letter to the World of Science -- Walter Russell
(146 views) Uploaded 4/26/2015 12:48:45 AM by phaelosopher   (27 videos)

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This is a video reading of an Open Letter to the World of Science that adorned the beginning of the book, "A New Concept of the Universe" by Walter Russell (1871-1963).

Russell described ushering in a New Age of Transmutation, wherein metallurgists would create new "rustless," more malleable metals, chemists would produce unlimited hydrogen to power vehicles that could transmute it from the atmosphere so efficiently, that gas tanks aren't needed.

Russell's Periodic Table of Elements contains 121 components, versus 118 today, and much fewer when he first published his findings in 1926. Yet, the only thing that science has seen fit to use, were plutonium and deuterium needed to make atomic bombs.

He wonders why science didn't take him up on a way to prevent England from being bombed to smithereens by Nazi forces during World War II, but asserts that the people of any nation, smallest to the largest, can render itself safe from any attack, from land, sea, or air, when the knowledge embedded in his *cosmogony*.

Russell's cosmogony includes God as its center and source, unlike science of today. Says that he demonstrated it. Russell laments that he set up a laboratory to prove it, but no one paid attention. From CERN, the people who brought us the Large (now VERY LARGE and EXPENSIVE) Hadron Collider, you'd think that there is scant evidence of God's existence, when with Russell, *The Power* (not "He") is EVERYWHERE, part of EVERYTHING.

Today science spends BILLIONS and BILLIONS on the particle accelerator, trying (at least this is their public story) to recreate the "big bang," with VIRTUALLY NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE DISRUPTION THEY ARE DOING TO THE SPACE/TIME CONTINUUM.

Or maybe they do know, but maintain a duel set of "scientific books" so that you, the public, think that they don't know.

Adam reads and occasionally offers his thoughts on it all, and introduces an article he wrote that started it all, to be published in the "Water Solutions for a Water Planet" edition of Science to Sage Magazine.

It is evident, from Walter Russell's work, and that of other scientists of an earlier era, that that the *science* that bills itself as the chief definer of "what is," is off base. Their policies and practices affect every aspect of life, including health and disease, farming, commerce, industry, and government.

GMO's, vaccines, geo-engineering, fossil fuels, nuclear energy, are all outcroppings of flawed, incomplete, or skewed scientific principles.

When will you care enough about truth to not be content with the work of scientific actors, and KNOW for yourself?

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