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Understanding How to Read your Nutrition Labels
(1763 views) Uploaded 2/2/2012 3:32:13 PM by drmarcotv   (35 videos)

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How often do you read a Nutritional Label and say to yourself "I have no idea what I am looking for?" The other day I had a conversation with someone asking about all these things about what she needs to know about the labels. Being that this is probably more common than most people think, Ive decided to shoot a video on a few of the more important things to understand about your Nutritional Labels.

1. Understanding that the quantity is based on the Servings Size. Make sure when you are reading that label, you realized what the Serving Size that is on the box compared to what your actually having! Is it the same or is it more?

2. Understanding that the Ingredient List is listed based on the quantity in the product. So the things that are first on that list are the things that have the most quantity in the product, compared to the things that are more towards the end of the list which are lower in quantity.

Fore more information about Dr Marco or The Chiropractic Source, feel free to call us at 973.228.0500 or check out our website at www.TheChiropracticSource.com

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