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Multiple Sclerosis, Vitamin D, and Viral Issues...a MUST SEE!
(6012 views) Uploaded 12/27/2011 8:32:56 AM by DrKrupka   (19 videos)   |  Learn more at: www.DrKrupka.com

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Dr. Krupka gives a detailed account of how Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is affected by vitamin D levels and viral history. This is some serious content and worth watching more than once. If you have an autoimmune disease or know someone who does, grab your pen and paper to take notes and change your life!! Pass it on to your friends. http://www.DrKrupka.com

Learn more at: www.DrKrupka.com

Video Keywords: nutrition    vitamin d    functional medicine    ms    viruses    multiple sclerosis    autoimmune    herpes    krupka    low vit d    25 oh   

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Viewer Comments (8 total)

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Posted 2/6/2012 1:46:52 PM
High. I am just wondering if you have heard of doTerra essential oils? I have MS and hope to begin some of your suggestions and wondered how you felt about this company of therapeutic grade oils.
Posted 12/30/2011 11:30:27 AM
@aligray I would NOT suggest that you stop your medication at this point. I would rather see you handle your vitamin D and viral issues and start seeing a functional medicine doctor. Once you feel that you have made significant progress with those issues, you may have the confidence to wean off of your meds. Also, you have to weigh the side effects of your medications against the possible good they are doing you after you have fixed your other issues.
Posted 12/29/2011 5:25:44 PM
Very interesting, my concern is that the rebif I take has this under control for me, I am scared to give that up even though I would much prefer to take care of this naturally. I had heard someone quit their rebif therapy and they had a relapse which they never recovered from! Any suggestions or advice of where to investigate these possibilities.
Posted 12/29/2011 4:39:46 PM
AWESOME video with great information! Keep the good stuff coming, Doc! Why can all the doctors be like this guy??
Posted 12/29/2011 4:06:08 PM
@melindap I'm glad people are spreading this link around and sharing the information. I have several sources of Vitamin D that I use. I think it's important to add some vitamin K when you take high doses over a longer poeriod of time. The product you mentioned has about 2000IU of vitamin D in a daily dose (if I read the "supplement facts" correctly)...I routinely use 5000IU to 15000IU with my patients. If you like that product, feel free to use it, but you might have to add some additional vitamin D depending on your levels.
Posted 12/29/2011 4:00:02 PM
@sunnydaysforever I'm not familiar with a lab test that is easily accessible to patients to quantify IL 17. I manage my patients with testing and monitoring their vitamin D levels and some inflammatory markers like CRP, Sed rate, etc. You should also know where you want your levels to be...the regular standards are NOT sufficient for MS patients!
Posted 12/29/2011 8:42:34 AM
Where and how do you get your IL-17 level checked??? I was diagnosed with MS in 2003...I have been told I went into immediate remission, but I was lacking Vitamin D which I now take but would like to know how to check the other levels...the doctors never told me about them...
Posted 12/29/2011 8:09:52 AM
This is a super interesting take on MS and Vitamin D. The link was provided to me by a member of the Isagenix Accountability Group on Facebook, and touting Ageless Essentials, an Isagenix Supplement with tons of Vitamin D. Because almost all of the Isagenix products are anti-inflammatory, I am curious Dr. if you have heard of them or used them for your patients?

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