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Death Of A Forest - pine beeltles are killing millions of trees in the US & Canada
(477 views) Uploaded 6/7/2013 6:38:51 PM by WildVisions,Inc.   (1 videos)

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With climate change evident in many places around the world, the forests of North America are undergoing huge changes. The pine beetle and pine trees have co-evolved together and until the past 2-3 decades, the numbers of beetles have been kept in check by very cold winters that would kill the beetles, thus limiting their lifespan and ability to reproduce. However, with warmer temperatures during the winters, the beetles are surviving in astounding numbers and are killing the forests of the western US and Canada. To date millions of acres of forests and billions of trees are dead and there is no end in sight. Some estimates predict that by 2014, 80% of the North American forests could be gone. In addition, we are losing forests that otherwise provide a carbon sink for our production of greenhouse gases, and as the trees die, they emit more Carbon Dioxide back into the atmosphere. Nothing, except very cold winter weather, will stop the beetles. www.wildvisions.net

This video was a Finalist at the United Nations Year of the Forest Film Festival for 2011.

In addition to the UN Festival, Death of a Forest also won a Life Science Award at Prague University Film Festival in the Czech Republic and at the Sondrio Forest Film Festival in Italy.

Nominated at the Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival for the 'Best Science Communication Film Award'.

2012 Silver Telly Award

Video Keywords: global warming    co2    climate change    pine bark beetles    dead trees    lodge pole pine    colorado mountains    forest fires    forestry management   

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