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GMO Bodies MUSIC Video.. Look what they've done to my body MOM
(3994 views) Uploaded 9/25/2012 1:45:58 PM by Rawllywood   (7 videos)

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THE Unintended ways GMO's are affecting the American Population- Video brings it home and shows what you and your family may already be experiencing. TIred, Moody, Depressed-- GMO's are creating GMO BODIES. VOTE YES Prop 37 in California
Be the first person to CREATE your own home video using this song and you could win a . We will be giving away a Portable DVD player AND a underwater HD camera for the funniest most memorable video's--MUST HAVE A VOTE YES ON PROP 37 INCLUDED IN VIDEO. Contest starts now and ends November 6th, 2012 Go to Rawllywood.biz to learn all the details of how you may enter this contest. This Video uses humor, satire and disturbing images to expose what many believe are the repercussions of what our food supply is doing to We The PEOPLE. This video in no way is meant to make fun of overweight people. MOST IMAGES IN VIDEO DENOTE DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF GMO BODIES. This makers of this video believe that certain factors in our food supply are addicting us to certain foods that are making so many fat, sick, moody, depressed and even worse. Please educate yourself about Genetically Modified Foods and what they may be doing to you and your family. Anything that has CORN, SOY, COTTON or CANOLA-- that is not organic-- could already be causing symptoms in your or a family member. Look up www.responsibletechnology.org for more information. If you are in California-- You have the right to know what is in your food. VOTE YES for PROP 37 on November 6th, 2012

Video Keywords: depression    obesity    humor    satire    gmos    monsanto    supreme court    the rawllywood show    music video    gmo bodies    moody    poisoning our food   

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