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Independence Day message from the Health Ranger
(5520 views) Uploaded 7/4/2010 by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Happy Independence Day from the Health Ranger. What does Independence Day really celebrate? Mike Adams explains...

Video Keywords: freedom    bill of rights    holidays    independence day    july 4th    history    free speech    constitution    america    health ranger   

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Viewer Comments (9 total)

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Posted 5/19/2011 10:59:45 AM
I canít help but wonder what kind of scenario will manifest, as we finally draw our line in the sand and confront the ever growing globalist tyranny. An image came to mind yesterday while watching The Alex Jones Show. Imagine if you will: 1. Gov. Rick Perry signs the new anti-molestation bill into law. 2. Soon after, TSA agents at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport grope a young female passenger. 3. Following the reported crime, Texas Rangers are dispatched to the airport to apprehend the perpetrators. 4. The accused TSA thugs are escorted to an Austin detention facility and formally charged with felony sex abuse. 5. Department of Justice head, Eric Holder orders the Texas Governor to release the detainees and for the governor and the state to prepare for both legal and punitive action for defying the Federal War Powers Act. 6. Governor Perry counters that the federal authority implied in such Executive Orders were based on a series of staged, illegal and unconstitutional acts
Posted 8/18/2010
Mike I have been following you everyday for a year and a half and you consistently do great work. If even 20 percent of people had you character and integrity the world would be a completely different place. May you keep on exposing the truth and stay uncorrupted. Your service is invaluable to healthseekers because there isn't enought time in the day to uncover the truths you present every day in your articles.Thanks and what a genius Idea Natural News TV is.
Posted 7/8/2010
i just discovered your new site! im a long time health ranger fan, and have heard you on alex jones alot i love your videos! dont give up the fight . and please help us beat this codex and gmo crap here in the US
Posted 7/7/2010
good job missing the point mary.
Posted 7/4/2010
And again, NEUROSPORT - something neuro-logically wrong?... Things worth repeating get repeated. That's the idea. Unlike what you said. Like, the abundance of those around us...shall I repeat for your edification, say...drinking beer? Or, maybe put so that you may better understand, ...'Contemplating one's navel while the house is burning down?' PLEASE don't.
Posted 7/4/2010
ABSOLUTLY love this. Sending it out.
Posted 7/4/2010
HEY Neurosport : If you had something intelligent to say, perhaps you could repeat it also ;-)
Posted 7/4/2010
Also while it is important to repeat the main points so they sink in better you should repeat them in different words every time so that it isn't obvious that you're actually repeating the same thing. I think you mentioned drinking beer about 5 times in exactly same words.
Posted 7/4/2010
You should work with Alex Jones.

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