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The Story of Cosmetics
(50792 views) Uploaded 7/22/2010 10:05:34 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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From Free Range Studio and "The Story of Stuff" comes the newest video: The Story of Cosmetics! It exposes the toxic chemicals used in everyday cosmetics and the failure of the FDA to regulate these chemicals.

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Viewer Comments (24 total)

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Posted 8/27/2011 5:22:25 PM
Good video, but wrong on 2 counts: 1. Are they poisoning us on purpose? She said no, but YES THEY ARE! 2. Let the FDA regulate cosmetics. NO WAY, ARE YOU CRAZY!?
Posted 11/25/2010 7:18:21 AM
Thank you for caring.
Posted 7/25/2010
I’m working to change the system with a team of people – we teach others how toxic their products are and show them there are healthier choices... do you want to join me?
Posted 7/24/2010
Good Video, but she is wrong. The people that own big pharma corporations Are Deliberately Killing Us, and have been getting away with it for decades. Slowly, by many toxic assaults daily, including chemical additives, insecticides, pesticides, irradiation, chemtrail spraying US with aluminum and radioactive barium, toxic breast implants, mammograms that cause breast cancer, cat scans (each containing 200 X-rays x 60 million adults and 3 million children per year in the United States are being irradiated to death), nuclear power plants, Oil and Coal, prescription drugs with toxic side effects, emf's from cell phones and towers, Unlabeled GMO genetically modified organisms in most of our processed foods, in which the DNA has been spliced with an antibiotic, a fungus and a bacteria into every cell that we are eating, Fluoride Rat Poison in our water for many decades, and Chlorine chloroform gas polluting our homes from the evaporating gas in our drinking water, toilets and showers is Du
Posted 7/24/2010
very well done. not abusive, just the facts, and entertaining too!
Posted 7/24/2010
The video recommends giving FDA power to regulate cosmetics and that is a laugh. The FDA is *owned* by the drug companies and is never to be trusted to have our best interests at heart.
Posted 7/23/2010
Excellent video with the exception of recommending that the FDA regulate the industry. The FDA is arresting farmers for providing raw milk, so I'm not for giving the FDA more regulating power. They really have not interest in what is or isn't safe for me, they are only interested in serving big pharma. I echo the sentiments of the other posts here regarding concerns over the FDA colluding with companies against the consumer. Free market and independent consumer safety/testing panels are the only way to regulate the industry. Check out Environmental Working Groups cosmetics safety site it's an excellent resource www.cosmeticsdatabase.com
Posted 7/23/2010
Way to go Annie! For those we may be interested, our family (including our 4 year old) has stopped using commercialized personnel care products long time ago. We don’t even trust these commercialized products, even if they go “green,” as mentioned by Annie. Now our bathroom is filled with Dr. Bronner’s castile soap, shampoo and hair conditioner (yes, Dr. Bronner does have their own shampoos and hair conditioners). We even use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap or sud soap for our laundry, washing dishes and general household cleaning – all their products are so concentrated that we always dilute them, hence they last longer! Cost wise, if we buy in gallon sizes (especially from Vitacost), they end up cheaper that any commercialized products! Their products are biodegradable that we even used them for camping and as pesticides. FYI, Dr. Bronner did not pay us to “brag” about their products, it’s just the plain truth! For dental product, we use Ecodent and facial/personal products Aubrey’s Organ
Posted 7/23/2010
While I appreciate the effort being made for cosmetics to be produced without toxic chemicals, I am concerned that collusion between the FDA and the cosmetics industry would begin to mirror that of the USDA and the food industry. More government regulation sounds like a great idea on the surface, but the reality is that government regulation is only as honorable as the government doing the regulating. (This applies to all recent administrations) If there is already "cooperation" between government and the cosmetics industry, what are the chances that this "cooperation" is going to be any more consumer conscious? Money alway wins, and the cosmetics industry isn't hurting for money.
Posted 7/23/2010
Great video with the exception of the call for more FDA regulation. The FDA protects big pharma, not the public. The only real protection consumers have is education and the free market. The US became an economic power house because it used the free market, which is more efficient than any government agency. Videos such as this, internet sites that identify safe ingredients, other educational venues such as books, CD's, health shows, are all important in educating consumers so they can make their own choices. Government agencies rarely protect the consumer and mostly protect established companies from competition and the free market. As one of many examples, under current regulations, the FDA approved a treatment for psoriasis that has already killed people. (http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/health/drugs/2009-02-19-genentech-psoriasis-deaths_N.htm?csp=15) Yet companies who make products to treat psoriasis with natural herbs are prevented from saying 'treat' and 'psori
Posted 7/23/2010
Glad to have this easy to understand video to pass along. The only part that I don't agree with is having the FDA as the cosmetic industry watchdog. They haven't done such a hot job protecting us from the drugs they stamp ok - Avandia anyone??
Posted 7/23/2010
Wow. This is incredible. This has to happen at the regulatory level. My kids fight me all the time to be able to use the toxic products. The pressure to fit in is just too great for them! Let's get this changed! Great work.
Posted 7/23/2010
Very informative video and I do try to live a less chemical life. There needs to be a better way to "police" the chemicals in cosmetics than relying on the FDA. The FDA is pretty much corrupt. Look what they allow the drug companies to do to us!
Posted 7/23/2010
the next generation of humanity will most likely be a HUMANOID RACE
Posted 7/23/2010
I've used mineral makeup and a natural crystal as a deodorant for years, just to avoid all this crap. My daughter makes our shampoo/body wash herself. We're far happier.
Posted 7/23/2010
What a great format for kids. And yes! Kids CAN handle the truth. It's all in the presentation.
Posted 7/23/2010
Appreciate the message being put out there.
Posted 7/23/2010
Informative video, but somewhat insane solution. More government regulation? How about a free market solution? Okay, now that the Marxists have left the room, why not form a consumer watchdog group that tests products, and lists the ingredients? Right now, we have the FDA, the syndicate for Big Pharma, working to rid the market of nutritional supplements, and you want to give government more power? Giving government more power is not the solution. Government, and corporations collude against the consumer. Haven't you recognized that, yet? Natural News working with volunteer testing labs could do this, and everyone would benefit.
Posted 7/23/2010
Synchronicity! Just this morning, I read the chapter in John Robbins' new book, "The New Good Life" that addresses this very issue, as well as all the toxins in our home cleaning products. I recommend the book and will be sharing this video widely.
Posted 7/23/2010
The Hundred Year Lie by Randall Fitzgerald demonstrates that this program has been going on longer than 50 years and far from being an "experiment" - the effects of these chemicals are well studied in advance by an elite few with specific aims. Also consider that the pharmaceuticals co's are outgrowths of the chemical co's and have a single controller, which explains why they work so well in unison - poison the people through environmental toxins, prescribe petrochemical poisons (drugs) to us when they get sick. If anyone is interested in investigating the broader aims of this agenda and who is carrying it out I suggest visiting researcher Alan Watt's page: www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com
Posted 7/23/2010
I'm not able to view The Story of Cosmetics on my iPhone, keeps coming up with an error message page. Anyone know if this can be remedied?
Posted 7/23/2010
Great job....well presented Annie. The word is getting out there. Mainstream producers will be forced to change or die! Keep up the good work guys.
Posted 7/23/2010
Very Nice presentation. My wife and I have spent the last 5 years (we are trying to catch up) trying to change the way we shop, eat, live, love, sleep, consume...etc... It makes me super mad to find out that these companies hijack the terms "Natural" and "Organic" and put whatever they want into products. The term that makes me go bonkers is when they say an additive or ingredient is "generally regarded as safe." All of this double talk is going to make us "generally regarded as Dead!" Love the vid. Great Job!
Posted 7/23/2010
Nice video! unfortunately we here in the middle east have the very same problem and even quadrupled! look, it goes this way, if things are bad in US, the very same things are much worse here. Because you know, they are just blind followers and so attached to the US policies.

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