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Statins and SSRI drugs - Two big cons!
(10905 views) Uploaded 9/18/2010 9:20:41 AM by MagnusMulliner   (72 videos)

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What do you think? Why would your body produce cholesterol in excess? Understand the aetiology (root cause) of high cholesterol. We all know that taking a drug to treat a symptom is STUPID.
Statins (Lipitor, Zocor, Crestor, etc) are one of the two greatest cons being sold to us consumers the other is SSRI drugs, though ignorance and naivety we buy into what our unquestionable Drs tell us. After all they are paid to TREAT us and to FIX us! It's funny in certain parts of China you only pay your Dr, while you are in good health. Once you become sick you stop paying them!
Please again do your own research and you may find that your body naturally produces Cholesterol because it is required to heal you. A higher than normal percentage of Cholesterol in your body means you are stressed and have caused cellular damage. Your body controls your cholesterol levels perfectly well when you are in balance. Ask the Q, what is causing my body to produce higher than normal levels (if it is) and start changing your LIFESTYLE. Lowering your Cholesterol levels will make you ill by damaging your muscle fibres and bringing you closer to Alzheimers dis-ease! Why, because Statins are great at lowering cholesterol, but thatís not the only issue your Homocysteine levels are a greater concern with reference to CHD, Stroke, etc. And lowering your Cholesterol levels will allow your body to create more cancer cells, than your body can deal with.
A greater CV health challenge would be high Homocysteine levels, not cholesterol. This AA has been clearly shown to be a contributing factor, which can cause CHD. But why would your body produce high levels of Homocysteine?
Oxidised cholesterol is a huge challenge in your body too. So are you eating good local organic fruit and vegetables?
Cholesterol is termed a STEROL - Lipid produced mainly in the liver, although small amounts can be generated in the intestines and other organs. Over 60% of your brain is cholesterol!
Your LDLs role is to

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Posted 12/6/2012 2:14:09 PM
Hi NirvanaBliss. Thank you for your incomplete message below. Congratulations on taking control of your health and making some major distinctions in your life so that your body reduces or stops giving you signs and symptoms. If your symptoms had voice what would they tell you to do? I you consume Mother Natures foods - Local/organic meats, veg, fruits, nuts, seeds, pulses, beans, seaweed, food supplements, etc in the right proportions you'll provide your cells with more of what they require. Never ever treat the dis-ease or condition that has the person, coach the person that has the dis-ease or condition... to the degree they're open to LISTENING and making their required changes. Exciting stuff. Have fun, sending love, MM
Posted 12/5/2012 8:01:22 PM
I had a cholesterol test done, it was 3.2 has been for the past 10 years, but each time i go the doctors want me to go on Statins, each time i refuse with disgust from the doctors, recently got told i had a silent inflammation, i worked out myself to give up on white flour so now i am gluten and wheat free, i feel tonnes better, but the specialist wanted me to go on Steroids i refused, of course i am going to refuse he wanted me to go on 40mg of Steroids he now has me as someone with a problem, i said many times, could it be because of the food i eat, he said no chance, could it be because i was on aspirin, he said no, after watching one of your videos i stopped the aspirin, so now Magnus my doctors and my family think i have lost the plot, a rebel without a cause, but i feel tonnes better, I was told just a few days ago, when i admitted i had not took Aspirin in since April, that i was going to kill myself, because the Aspirin stops the blood thickening up, which could, now get this,
Posted 7/20/2011 2:07:25 PM
Thank you for your message. Are you ready? Seek to understand what's causing your body to provide you with these signs and symptoms. Two ways 1. Toxicity - don't apply anything to your body unless you would eat it. No microwaves, Teflon pans, fluorinated/chlorinated water, no sweeteners or sugar, etc 2. Start eating whole alive foods that Mother Nature provided - fish, meat, veg and maybe a fruit daily! Your cells are naturally programmed to keep you healthy. If however you have mental, emotional challenges, this will lead to most stress - increased Cholesterol, etc. Go to www.thework.org How much water are you drinking daily? Kg,s x 0.033 = litres daily. Are you taking Ubiquinol with your Statin? Congratulations on asking and taking your first step. Let the past go. Ask yourself more empowering Q's "How does it get any better than this?" "What can I do today to put more deposits in my health bank account?", etc Have fun, sending love MM
Posted 7/18/2011 10:55:39 PM
I was diagnosed with fsgs which is a type of kidney disease. My cholesterol is super Hightower, nearly 500. The Recently put me on a statin. What other options do I have. Or could you point me to a non indoctrinated doctor who can help? By the way, I am in remision after 6months of prednisone use which is another story altogether. Thanks in advance!
Posted 2/9/2011 8:30:36 AM
Many thanks for your message Crandreww. Frightening just how we have allowed corporations like Big Pharma to sell drugs and make billions at the expense of our health. I'm blown away by how docile and ignorant we have been, allowing this to go on for so long. Making profits at the expense of human, animal and planet health - not a genius formula. In my option all drugs company profits should go back into the communities. Or put into making hospitals what they could become - a place to heal, with real organic foods. I had heard that Statin drugs cause irreversible damage to people's muscles and brain! Thank you for sharing your story, sending healing love Magnus
Posted 2/7/2011 11:22:49 AM
Magnus, thank you for trying to educate the public about the joke (not funny) that the statin drugs are. I was 34 years old Registered Nurse (Critical Care) of 12 years practice. I subscribed wholly to the hype that cholesterol caused heart disease. Until, I became permanently disabled from the effects of Lipitor on my body, Brain and Muscles to be specific. Little did I know that these poisons, were capable of mutating my mitochondrial DNA. To the point that after 8 years, I have had no significant improvement in my condition. When was the last disease (High Cholesterol is not a disease) actually cured by a drug? I am so disgusted by medicine, since it became a business.
Posted 11/6/2010 11:41:11 PM
Please, comment more about SSRI's. I would like more explanation about how they are not needed and what I can do to get off them. I am currently on a whole food, zero chemical diet. I grew up on a family farm where we grew and ate our own organic food. I do not eat wheat. I am otherwise 100% healthy-no other health problems.
Posted 9/19/2010 5:52:29 AM
What a great informative video!! Thanks Magnus, can't wait for your next one!

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