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seaweed elixir(1)
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Here is some info I found on the web on the benefit of seaweed: Sea vegetables reduce the risk of breast cancer. They empower immune system function and have been credited with increasing energy, improving general well being and accelerating wound healing. These also maximise the body's metabolism and anti-aging defenses. They have anti-inflammatory effects and help in the treatment of certain skin conditions.
Sea food has minerals like zinc, boron, tin, selenium, chromium, antimony and bismuth, which are missing in modern food. An unusual amount of full spectrum vitamins, including E, A, C and B12 are also present in sea food. Certain enzymes and the full range of essential amino acids is found in the vegetables.

This recipe is inspired by Truth Calkins' Seaweed Soup
Here is his original recipe:
1 cup up strips of Kelp - Soak in hot water for a few minutes strain
2-3 TB Coconut Oil
1 TB Lemon Juice
1 TB Hacho Miso
1 tsp Kuzu Root
1/2 tsp Umeboshi Plue Puree
1/2-1 TB Frank's Finest Curry
1/2-1 TB Frank's Finest Mexican Spice Blend
1 dropper Daily Ginger Extract
1 cup Twig Tea with Gynostemma base

*Please refer to the video for my customzed recipe.

Learn more at: Bnhealthy. Net

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