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How to Detox Your Body After Halloween
(7973 views) Uploaded 11/1/2011 1:41:00 PM by docakilah   (25 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.celestialhealing.net/healthintro..htm

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Halloween is the day when our sugar intake is extreme. This can cause the body to break down which will result in various illnesses such as fevers, colds, flues and constipation. This video will teach you how to detox all the Halloween treats out of your system in just three days.

Learn more at: http://www.celestialhealing.net/healthintro..htm

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Viewer Comments (4 total)

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Posted 11/4/2011 12:25:57 PM
I'm probably one of the very few NDs who isn't on the green tea bandwagon. I do not support any caffeinated teas (black, white or green). This is why you will never see it in any of my detox or herbal regimens.
Posted 11/3/2011 4:43:59 AM
What about Green Tea, that detoxifies the body.
Posted 11/2/2011 3:45:26 PM
Nooooooo! I am against pregnant women detoxing. I suggest you ignore this video completely because it doesn't apply to you. If you're pregnant you don't need to do any detoxing. All you need to do is build your body with food. If you want to do a gentle cleanse then consult your naturopathic doctor so that he or she can monitor you. I have been a Naturopathic Doctor for over 12 years and allowed only 1 of my female clients to cleanse while pregnant (but this was due to an extreme case). I highly suggest that you focus on building your body while pregnant. Simply eat plenty of organic raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts. You can also juice your fruits and vegetables in addition to eating them. Be sure to include lots of pure water in that equation too. If you eat meat make sure the meat is organic (hormone and chemical free), including the eggs. This will provide your body with cleansing material as well as nourishment for a healthy pregnancy. Don't worry about detoxing while
Posted 11/1/2011 7:29:08 PM
Is this detox safe to do while pregnant? Is there anything I should do differently?

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