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FLUORIDE; How Safe Is It In Our Water?
(2252 views) Uploaded 12/12/2012 9:53:04 PM by DianeDi   (114 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://www.youtube.com/user/DianeDi?feature=mhee

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Corey Sturmer didn't know much about fluoride in his drinking water until a year ago, when his dentist told him he has fluorisis, a condition that causes white spotting, yellowing and browning of the teeth, and erosion of the enamel.

"I asked my dentist ... is there fluoride in the drinking water? And he said, yeah ... it's good for your teeth. So then I began to wonder, if it's so good for your teeth, why am I, at 25 years old, having all these issues with my teeth?" Sturmer said.

Sturmer was a college athlete. He eats healthy food and exercises. He started doing research and found evidence that convinced him fluoride might not be as safe as he was led to believe. He came across an I-Team story ABC11 did five years ago in which a Durham dentist told us he believed we're getting too much Fluoride.

"Fluoride in the water is essentially a drug. It's an uncontrolled use of a drug," offered dentist Michael Fleming.

Sturmer said what he learned made him take action.

"That motivated me to reach to you and to continue spreading the word and building up the website and talking to people," said Sturmer.

Sturmer developed a www.durhamagainstfluoride.com website and took his cause to the Durham County Health Department. He's also raising awareness by putting information on cars in downtown Durham.

Sturmer said he's so concerned about the issue that he filters his tap water. His crusade may be limited to Durham, but he's not alone in his fight. A movement to ban fluoride in drinking water is heating up across the country.

In Portland, Oregon this fall, residents protested a city council vote to begin fluoridating tap water next year. They have enough signatures on a petition to take the issue to the ballot box next year. In Wichita, Kansas last week, voters rejected a plan to add fluoride to their public water supply.

"Our task was essentially one of just education. Myself, I thought fluoride was a good thing not long ago," explained Jonathan Hall with Wichitans Opposed to Fluoride.

As the I-Team dug into the science behind the fluoride controversy, we found study after study dating back to the 80s from respected academic and scientific institutions that connect fluoride to health dangers. Some of the studies were funded by the government. They suggest fluoride can be linked to brain, blood and bone deficiencies in humans. This past summer, Harvard University released a report after reviewing 27 studies of children in China exposed to fluoride. It concluded the higher the fluoride exposure, the lower the child's IQ.

One of the most recognized reports was published in 2006 by The National Academy of Sciences. It found fluoride can affect the thyroid gland and potentially lower the intelligence of children.
FULL REPORT HERE: http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11571

"EPA's drinking water standards are supposed to protect all persons against anticipated adverse health effects of the contaminant in question," explained Kathleen Thiessen -- one of the scientists who worked on the 400-page study. "And we concluded after three years worth of work that the drinking water standard for fluoride was not protected and cannot be assumed to be safe for humans."

Thiessen said the EPA was warned about potential fluoride health dangers by one of its own chemists more than a decade ago. Dr. William Hirzy testified before a Senate subcommittee in 2000. He was representing the views of EPA scientists and staff who analyze hazards in the environment.

"In 1997, we voted to oppose fluoridation, and our opposition has grown stronger as more adverse data on the practice has come in," said Hirzy.

"The CDC and others say whatever beneficial effect there is from fluoride is from topical use. It's not from swallowing it. It never has been from swallowing it," said Thiessen.

Confessions from a Dentist / Whistleblower
Source site: http://www.dentalconfessions.com/

Learn more at: http://www.youtube.com/user/DianeDi?feature=mhee

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Posted 12/13/2012 9:07:21 PM
This is great, but until folks start publicizing the difference between calcium fluoride, and industrial fluoride, this debate will struggle in confusion. Essentially, the same criminals who lie to us every day, while professing to be protecting us, have been touting the benefits of naturally occurring fluoride, while pumping industrial waste into our water supply and telling us it is calcium fluoride. These same bastards tell us that they have to grope our children and wives to protect us from terrorists. America, when will you wake up? "Calcium fluoride (caF2), which occurs naturally, is not included in the Poisons List. This is because natural fluoride is not very soluble in water. Substances used in the artificial fluoridation of the public water supply are *sodium fluoride (NaF), sodium fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6), and hydrofluosilicic acid (H2SiF6). These artificial fluorides are highly soluble in water (References 1 and 2) see Table 1, and are highly toxic substances."

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