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The Best Raw Chocolate Recipe Ever!
(8743 views) Uploaded 3/3/2011 9:21:03 AM by EarthBabyYogaMama   (35 videos)

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Learn to make rich, creamy, raw chocolate treats with coconut oil, shredded coconut, honey and vanilla extract. I have a two tablespoon scoop that I use for the coconut oil, but realized later that I said "two tablespoons" of cacao powder and shredded coconut, and only put one! - oops! It will work either way!

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Viewer Comments (3 total)

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Posted 7/17/2011 8:19:19 PM
Hey EatLife, Thanks for your comment. I would definitely try mixing in some other ground nuts or seeds if you don't use shredded coconut to give it a little more substance before trying to shape the balls. Otherwise, definitely try putting the mix in the fridge, but not for too long because the coconut oil will harden quickly!
Posted 6/29/2011 12:21:57 PM
I tried to make this, but it did not roll well. It kind of just mushed between my hands. It was tasty though. I just used coconut oil, raw honey, and cacao powder. Do you think putting the mix in the refrigerator for a couple minutes before trying to make the balls would do the trick?
Posted 3/5/2011 11:23:20 PM
this is a wonderful video, thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try it!

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