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Raw Food Recipe for Middle Eastern Raw Kibbe #177
(163 views) Uploaded 10/26/2010 1:28:37 AM by KevinGianni   (668 videos)

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http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com - You guys kept asking what raw food recipe I made for Annmarie on her birthday...

So here it is! :-)

A raw food recipe for Middle Eastern Kibbe--one of my favorite (past) foods!

I literally had no idea how to make this and couldn't find a recipe online, so I just created it myself.

I have to say it turned out pretty good! ;-)

Take a look and enjoy...

Video Keywords: cinnamon    cumin    annmarie    onion    meatless    allspice    diet eastern food    gianni kevin kibbe    middle nuts    pine raw recipes vegan   

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