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Interview with Dr Suzanne Humphries
(32422 views) Uploaded 2/2/2011 12:14:18 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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In this interview, you'll hear Dr Humphries talk about vaccines, including:

* Why she became concerned about vaccines after noticing kidney failure in patients who recently received vaccines.

* Why vaccines are often contaminated with unknown viral strains, and why the vaccine industry has covered up known vaccine contamination (and knowingly sold contaminated vaccines to be used on the public).

* Why the entire vaccine industry needs to be questioned, and why a new effort is needed to scientifically assess whether vaccines are really safe or effective.

* Why the fairy tale that "vaccines eradicated polio" is a false mythology -- here's what really happened.

* Why the "smallpox" vaccine has never been proven to be effective against smallpox at all.

* Why vaccine industry research is extremely flimsy and ignores rigorous standards of scientific evidence. (Using improper placebos designed to minimize the appearance of side effects, for example.)

* Why the vaccine industry won't test vaccines versus unvaccinated children (they're terrified of the results).

* Why children caught up in outbreaks of measles are often the very same children who were vaccinated against measles!

* Why vaccines may actually suppress the immune system and cause increased vulnerability to future infections.

* Why many childhood infections such as chicken pox are perfectly natural, normal and even HEALTHY.

* Why the outlandish and unscientific behavior of the vaccine industry is causing an erosion of credibility across all "science."

* Why many of the people engaged in pushing vaccines have financial ties to vaccine companies.

* Why the vaccine industry is utterly unwilling to tolerate anyone asking intelligent questions about the safety of vaccines.

Dr Humphries is one of the signers of the groundbreaking new document just released by the International Medical Council on Vaccination, called VACCINES: Get the Full Story: http://www.naturalnews.com/Vaccin

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Viewer Comments (7 total)

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Posted 3/17/2011 5:07:30 PM
I am so thankfull that people are finally telling the truth about vaccins.I was unaware of it for a long time and so I vaccinated my children.When my youngest son turned 3 years old he started to have seizures and after going in and out of the hospital we found out he had epilepsy.He stayed on medication for almost 3 years and is doing better now.But recently we found out that he has a mild form of autism as well.Last week I got a letter from my doctor saying that my youngest son is up for a new vaccination next week, I am not going to let them put that poison in my son's body again.I hope more people will come aware of what vaccins can do to someone.
Posted 2/2/2011 11:52:37 PM
Finally! Finally some people dare stand for the truth! I vaccinated my son with everything that was on the schedule, and so much regret it. He developed food intolerances and seasonal allergies, and I blame vaccines for that.
Posted 2/2/2011 12:04:35 PM
Excellent, wide ranging interview, and what a luxury to not have it reduced to sound bites because of commercials, and "hard breaks!" It was nice to hear Dr. Humphries opinion on the issue of vaccinating our pets, too. With the government fluoridation of water, fascist promotion of vaccines, and pharmaceuticals, the bullying of nutritional supplements, including banning IV vitamin C, and the conspiracy to monopolize the food supply by Monsanto, does anyone doubt that the government is trying to accomplish what the Georgia Guide-stones promise?
Posted 2/2/2011 11:02:21 AM
I accidentally hit the 4 star, meaning to click the 5 star. This is an extremely informative interview; thank you!
Posted 2/2/2011 3:58:47 AM
Great interview, vaccines are pointless, it is a good idea in principle but the body does'nt work so simply. The natural way is the ONLY way for true immunity. Vaccines are like playing Russian roulette.
Posted 2/2/2011 2:23:07 AM
Amazing interview. Great Job Mike ! Vaccine MUST be by their very nature immuno suppresing.

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