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Jordan Maxwell & Victor Varjabedian - The Law & How it's Used to ENSLAVE US - 2/2
(4576 views) Uploaded 1/20/2011 6:34:14 PM by ChineseHealthFitness   (205 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://chinesehealthandfitness.com/MaritimeLaw.html

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Occult researcher and some say (ex Illuminati member) Jordan Maxwell gives some startling and revealing information on the LAW, how it views the average person, what it's real intention is and just as the bible shows, that we are all literal slaves of the dark side and the matrix. Victor Varjabedian speaks in the second half and goes into more detail about the specifics of maritime law, sovereignty and more.

While I don't agree with his conclusions on a bit of this information, especially how it's always used to try and discredit the bible and Christianity as there can be other reasons why such "occult" terms have crept into the Jewish language, such as Solomon turning to Egyptian religions and Masonry thus causing such elements to be mixed in, overall the information is good and powerful. You must have a solid foundation in the real truth however to avoid being misled by any of the major occult researchers like David Icke, Michael Tsarion or Jordan Maxwell. Never take it ALL at face value.

Since nations are themselves incorporated and under maritime law, they have come up with ways to make everyone a literal commodity and property of a corporation. This is why corporations are themselves taking over the entire world and why lawmakers are always siding with corporations who are themselves seen as individual entities.

Jordan Maxwell's work was made famous by the Hollywood movie trilogy THE MATRIX which is almost entirely taken from his research into the true nature of the world. This is strongly supported by the bible itself which teaches that mankind has been kidnapped by a malevolent dark spirit at the foundation of the world, which is why Christ said that He "gave Himself a ransom for many.." Matthew 20:28

Most people gloss right over this and don't stop to think.. A ransom...ransom for what? A ransom is a price you give to someone that has been KIDNAPPED. Christ gave Himself as a ransom to pay the penalty of death that the law required to redeem tho

Learn more at: http://chinesehealthandfitness.com/MaritimeLaw.html

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Posted 8/19/2014 12:52:00 PM
For 81 years WE have been living under "martial process" since FDR (that 33rd degree Freemason in collaboration with the Jesuits) pledged all the property / persons both fictitious and living,tangible and intangible, as the collateral for His / Guarantee Trust Company of New York debt system that replaced money per se. On 4 March 2014 the NYS Appellate Court confirmed what I said in its decision and order shown on my website that it may ONLY provide "Martial due Process" NOT ":Civilian due process" while we continue under the annually renewed national emergency and or state of war per se --- that is why I am in USDC DCD since 2008. All executive orders renewing the national emergency and or state of war signed by the usurper are VOID AB INITIO notwithstanding what the DEM REPS have to say..Only a few hand full of us are on this page. The important part of becoming the "Agent": for the Debtor Trust Transmitting Utility registered in commerce, is the need to act in good faith
Posted 1/22/2011 5:23:27 PM
This info is facinating and enlightening. I just finished Stuart Wildes last book talking about the Matrix. Seems to be a theme I keep coming across.

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