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Happiness - your birthright
(1750 views) Uploaded 11/2/2010 9:32:28 AM by MagnusMulliner   (72 videos)

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Happiness is our birthright! Yet in this highly, wonderful, technical world we have co-created we seemed not to have lost it! Many of you reading this will unconsciously think that your happiness lies in having X, Y or Z. That could mean more money, more possessions, more… fill in the blanks. That’s of course not true. We have created an insidious culture making billions on tell you and me, what will make us happy and it’s Not working! The happinest people live just above the poverty line according to Marci Shimoff.
So, let me invite you on a journey back to basics… By focussing on what you have, grateful for, LOVE, proud of, etc you’ll find happiness! It’s within you RIGHT NOW.
For many people they are ASLEEP and wish to continue their quest to climbing the corporate ladder, chasing a pay cheque, etc. I’m not saying that this is ‘wrong’, my invite is to look upon this from a different point of view.
If you or I are NOT happy then we’re LOST. Sure there may be times when your circumstances change and they don’t fit into your beLIEfs and values, but like everything in life, if we’re not happy with something, then change the way we are looking upon that situation.
What can you learn, or do differently? What are the benefits you hadn’t realised? What are the real advantages? What do you love and or respect about that person?
Once we gain a greater PROSPECTIVE we start to EMPOWER ourselves and stop being a ‘victim’ in society, hell bent on buying into marketers who use ‘MEMES’, telling us we’ll be happy WHEN and once we have MORE. Both of these are MYTHS. Does that make sense to you?
Have fun finding your real DREAM/PASSION and don’t take life too seriously (as I keep telling myself!)
Sending love

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Viewer Comments (4 total)

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Posted 11/4/2010 4:23:12 PM
Thank you for passing on that information Dr Organic. I watched a trailor and it made perfect sense to me what was shared about STRESS and the effects on the human body. Interesting Stat's on Allopathic Dr's too! A true healer is one that allows our body to do it's job, by empowering us with what it needs. Keep sharing
Posted 11/4/2010 4:19:32 AM
Thanks Magnus. Interesting synchronisity. I just watched an amazing documentary last night called Ayurveda-The art of being. If you have'nt seen it i suggest you check it out ! The depth of understanding of this system is breathtaking and those who practise it are true healers co-operating with the divine.
Posted 11/3/2010 3:21:50 PM
Hi Dr Organic, thank you for noticing some of my wife's passion. She has created seven Chakra energy artworks. The one you can see in this recording is relating to the throat Chakra - Vissudha. She has designed this artwork and placed them throughout our home in various rooms. I have found them uplifting:-) You can see her work at http://www.essenceyoga.co.uk/PAGE%2043.html Have a great evening and thank you again for your comment. With love and Chi Magnus
Posted 11/3/2010 2:44:26 AM
I like that painting in the background !! Thanks Magnus !!

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