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HealthAlert: Effective Flu Shot Alternatives
(282 views) Uploaded 1/18/2013 12:04:22 PM by LivingFuelTV   (197 videos)

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Glance into a local family practitioner's office today and you're likely to see a fluorescently lit waiting room lined with weary, achy, sniffling, coughing flu sufferers. Our remarkable immune systems are under attack by the annual flu bug. So what's the difference between those that contract the flu and those that remain well? Are we to believe the media, pharmaceutical companies, drug store advertisements, and government agencies that tell us that the flu vaccine is a must to protect you and your family?

Join me on LivingFuelTV for an important HealthAlert on this topic that affects us all. Today, we'll explore several practical, safe, natural, powerful, and needle-free defensive alternatives, from Vitamin A to Zinc, that helps protect yourself and your family.

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