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Organic Farming, Dr. Pusztai, say no to GMO, Dr. Huber, Monsanto & the BIO-AG Philosophy
(1636 views) Uploaded 5/8/2011 1:15:18 PM by GMOFREEZONE   (4 videos)   |  Learn more at: www.bio-ag.com

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As GMO's, Monsanto's Roundup and government regulators continue to interfere in our quest for clean and pure food, Dr. Pusztai and Dr. Huber present the problems of today, and Murray Bast of www.Bio-Ag.com presents the solutions.

Dr. Arpad Pusztai PhD speaks about the original GMO safety tests, and how he believes it would be 'unforgivable' to use humanity as guinea pigs.

The complete DVD of his and his wife Susan Bardocz's last presentations is available from www.bio-ag.com. He has since had a stroke and will likely not return to North America. His team's ground-breaking study of GMO's on human DNA, our digestive tracts and immune system is disturbing, since in Canada we have been eating GMO;s for almost 20 years.

www.bio-ag.com is an organic friendly feed supplement supplier for healthier chickens, pork and beef...and ships globally.

Learn more at: www.bio-ag.com

Video Keywords: organic    contamination    gmos    gmo    monsanto    soil    safe    genetically modified foods    roundup    glyphosate    pusztai    huber    bio-ag    feed    clean foods   

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