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Constitutional Literacy: Complete 25-Part Series - Preview Video
(907 views) Uploaded 10/23/2012 11:37:11 PM by MichaelBedar-YoelMedia   (24 videos)   |  Learn more at: http://programs.naturalnews.com/Constitutional_Literacy_Complete_25-Part_Series.htm

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Reclaim your rights! Join Michael Farris in an unprecedented Constitutional survey:

In-depth investigation of key legal cases
Insightful analysis of today's political climate
Informative timelines and visual data
Personal training from Constitutional expert, Michael Farris
Discover the untold stories of america's founding
Experience the Constitution come to life
Understand the foundation of America's government.

Today, almost two and a half centuries later, Americans have lost many of the original liberties and freedoms for which their ancestors shed their own blood. These are more than videos - this is a movement to revive a government under the Constitution of the United States.

If we're going to be a free people, we have to remain true to the Constitution, but the vast majority of Americans don't know anything about the real meaning of the Constitution, and unfortunately this includes the vast majority of those who govern us.

Learn more at: http://programs.naturalnews.com/Constitutional_Literacy_Complete_25-Part_Series.htm

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