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Antimatter Factories in Space; and Positronics want to cure cancer with ANTIMATTER?
(364 views) Uploaded 4/27/2012 4:18:49 PM by MylesO   (113 videos)

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This connects with cancer and health its not just about Antimatter factories, utilizing natural particle accelerators in space could allow for cheaper production of antimatter for more efficient space travel. ESA’s Cluster mission has shown that something similar to the ‘staging’ process used at CERN is happening above our heads in the natural particle accelerators of space.

What part of ANTImatter don't people understand? PET scanners are radiation, PET stands for Positron Emission tomography

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“A rough estimate to produce the 10 milligrams of positrons needed for a human Mars mission is about 250 million dollars using technology that is currently under development,” said Gerald Smith of Positronics http://www.pr-llc.com/

Positronics claim breakthrough medical advances for the detection and treatment of cancer will be made possible.

If there was Any evidence cannabis could cure cancer it should be available without restrictions of any kind, and yet cannabis prohibition has not ended, even with lots of evidence. People even children are suffering and dying every day while big money is extorting the masses for profit without any cure!


We need repeal of unconstitutional law(s) to end cannabis prohibition that is violating human rights and keeping the cost of living artificially high by outlawing the most superior resource on earth. The prohibition against marijuana/cannabis was unconstitutional from its inception.


Cosmic particle accelerators get things going

Space Probes Detect Enormous Natural Particle Accelerator

Antimatter: The Future is Now Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL61B9C8E768581E0B
Watch Antimatter: The Future is Now in Full: http://vimeo.com/30240260

Check out the research at my blog


Video Keywords: cancer    science    health    cure    cannabis    hemp oil    antimatter   

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