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Interview with Joe Nobody - preparedness, survival, US govt. buying ammo and more
(5877 views) Uploaded 4/23/2012 10:57:56 AM by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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This is the first 13 minutes of the detailed interview with Joe Nobody about self defense, personal preparedness, how to protect your family, private property, your community and more.

This is part of the downloadable course offered by the Health Ranger. Details on that course are at www.HealthRangerLIVE.com

Video Keywords: safety    survival    preparedness    self defense    economic collapse    dhs    homeland security    martial law    guns    firearms    joe nobody    ammunition    tactics   

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Posted 4/29/2012 9:54:13 AM
Great stuff as usual, Mike. I wanted to comment that here in the State of Illinois, right outside the eastern boundary of our state capitol, on a major interstate, they have constructed these semi-circular lanes which converge on the left-hand side of each direction of traffic. These are not turnaround lanes, per se, as you would normally see on interstates, where police officers can turn around. They also have a portable speed-limit sign, that during the construction of these lanes, monitored and showed, the speed you were going. This is very freaky. My son just graduated from the State Police Academy here a few months ago, and I asked him what they were. He had no idea. Every time I go to Springfield and see these lanes, I get a very sick feeling. I think this is just what you are talking about as far as the government setting up checkpoints. Thanks again for this info., Mike. I am using every bit of it.

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