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The Robert Scott Bell Show - "Placebo’s Mystery and DOJ’s Big Pharma Phraud" - 10/31/2010 - Hour 1
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And you thought that government and pharmaceutical scientists were actually scientific! Massive placebo fraud rocks the very foundation of modern medical science; thousands of clinical trials are invalidated due to major study design flaws – for instance, forgetting to describe what their placebo actually contained. Everything the Amazing Randi claims is science is actually fiction and all that he calls quackery is more scientific than his hokey religion of scientism. What will Dr. Dean Edell do now?

This Sunday, we’ll talk real science as it relates to nutrition and the restoration of good health, while leaving pharmaceutical pseudoscience in the adverse event reaction dust.

Since Nixon declared War on Cancer, not one synthetic chemical cure has appeared. What has appeared? Since Big Government and Big Pharma became one, drugmakers now appear as #1 at the top of the list of annual DOJ fraud settlements. How can you tell when a drug is fraudulent? When it gets approved by the FDA. Whatever will we do? Listen to the Robert Scott Bell Show and get healthy.

Did you know about the perils of taking experimental cancer drugs? How about the perils of millions of nutritionally ignorant Americans getting cancer, then trusting that Big Pharma can save them? My dear friend and nutritional expert Scott Kennedy (Super Sea Veg) returns to protect us from the dangers of government-sanctioned synthetic sorcery and the cancer it causes.

Did you know that you can now be ticketed for passing out trans fats? I kid you not. Baltimore Hands Out First Trans Fat Citations!

Would you like to know what kind of fat is good for you? Just about every other kind. I shall endeavor to explain…

Video Keywords: big pharma    fda    fraud    trans fat    scott kennedy    dr dean edell    placebo    war on cancer   

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