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The Robert Scott Bell Show - “Reversing Iodine Deficiency with Real Food”- 04/11/2010 - Hour 2
(543 views) Uploaded 9/10/2010 1:20:00 PM by RobertScottBell   (60 videos)

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“Reversing Iodine Deficiency with Real Food” podcast link – Are we being dumbed down by minerally-deficient foods? Is the lack of vegetal iodine contributing to cognitive decline, attention-deficit and mental retardation? Could this explain behaviors from Washington politicians? Iodine deficiencies are even linked to miscarriage.

Video Keywords: miscarriage    scott kennedy    farmasea    wellness expo    rsb    weston a price foundation    doug kaufmann    know the cause    and jordan rubin    garden of life    iodine    sally fallon    robert scott bell    liberty   

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