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Why the Chiropractic Lifestyle can change Health Care
(872 views) Uploaded 5/9/2012 5:53:15 PM by drmarcotv   (35 videos)

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Traditional Medicine has taught most people that when they have a symptom they are sick, and when they do not they are healthy. Is this true health care or is that more like symptom care? If you look at the word HEALTH CARE, it means caring for your health, not just getting rid of symptoms. It is a lifestyle, it is not a moment in time. Having a life where you have optimal functioning physical, emotional, and nutritional wellness; that is what health care is all about.

This video explains how living a chiropractic lifestyle can and will change the health care system. Once people are taught this, we will finally be a country that is at the top in health rather than the bottom. Yes, that is correct, although the United States spends the most money on health care, we unfortunately are one of the sickest nation in the world. My mission and the mission of most wellness practitioners is to change this!

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