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☆EPIC Beauty DETOX Smoothie!☆
(789 views) Uploaded 12/25/2012 7:42:54 PM by RawYouth!   (111 videos)

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Beauty is not what we put on our skin, rather what we put inside our bodies. What we put in is what comes out. If we are eating french fries and drinking alcohol every day we can expect to have zits and oily skin. Let's detoxify our system, and feel our very BEST! Smoothies are a great way to extract all nutrients without spending the time chewing all the veggies. Next time you see someone with a GLOW you know they are getting their GREENS on!
1 Cup Organic Coconut Water( or Apple Juice/Spring Water)
Handful of Organic Kale
1/2 Cup Organic Blueberries
Handful Pitted Organic Dates
1/2 Cup of Organic Strawberries
Tablespoon of Organic Chia Seeds

COCONUT WATER- Electrolytes, Magnesium, Anti-Bacterial
KALE- Generous amount of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Anti-Inflammatory
CHIA SEEDS- Aids in weight loss, omega3's, energizing, fights free radicals
DATES- Brain food, Nature's Sweetener :)
STRAWBERRIES- Eye health, Fights bad cholesterol, regulate blood pressure
BLUEBERRIES- Heart Health, Free Radicals, Vitamin C


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