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Ask Dr. Bob: PCOS, Swollen Prostate, Blepharitis, Thyroid Cancer, Estrogen, & Summer Foods
(741 views) Uploaded 7/3/2013 2:21:28 PM by DruglessDoctor   (587 videos)

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In this week's episode, Dr. Bob answers your questions about PCOS (minimal iodine), birth control pills, blepharitis, eating for your blood type and more. If you have a general health question, follow @DruglessDoctor on Twitter and tweet him with #AskDrBob. For more information, visit us at http://www.druglessdoctor.com, you'll be glad you did!

Video Keywords: blood type    nutrition    health    sugar    liver    thyroid    prostate    estrogen    cold sores    pcos    blepharitis    thyroid cancer    citric seed extract   

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