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VACCINES ~ Mary Tocco ~ Explains Everything YOU Need To Know
(22526 views) Uploaded 2/18/2014 10:28:54 AM by DianeDi   (114 videos)

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Mary Tocco is the Erin Brockovich regarding Vaccine Research. I hope you enjoy this fast paced, informative presentation. I encourage everyone to share this information with others, especially, soon to be moms.

Mary Tocco BIO

WAVE - World Association for Vaccine Awareness

Mary Tocco - Facebook

Vaccination EXEMPTION Forms.

This presentation was produced, filmed and edited by John F. King
Please visit John's page for a number of very informative video presentations.

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Posted 11/24/2014 5:41:28 PM
To: drpeters (of course you are not a dr.) Well, well, well, yours is the first message ever to make it directly to my junk bin before I sent it there. EVERYTHING you state is absolutely UNTRUE and you know it. What corporation is paying your shill wages to make up such propaganda? Oh, let me guess, one of the few BIG PHARMA vaccine manufacturers. Listen buddy - you know you're wrong, move along. I hope anyone reading this will listen to Mary and her incredible research. She has nothing to gain - however you Mr. Shill have everything to lose.
Posted 5/29/2014 7:46:37 PM
After viewing this video, I am finding myself in a state of shock. The half-truths and scare tactics she uses are quite alarming. One should inform her that there is a difference between research and cherry-picking evidence to support an intractable statement. I hit pause multiple times during her presentation to read slides that she quickly glossed over, and then did a little internet research to see if what she was saying was accurate. Unfortunately for her, the vast majority of what she was saying was not accurate at all. Good news! You can buy her anti-vac package for a mere $299.99, which leads me to believe she has a vested interested in not presenting accurate, up-to-date information to her audiences, such as when she shows a slide that interchangeably talks about thiomersol, mercury, ethylmercury and methylmercury, all four of which are distinctly different things with very different properties. As she and her website state, she is clearly not a medical doctor, and I

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