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Ask Dr. Bob: Sleep-Sinus-Boils-Lymphedema/lipidemia-ImpoveSense Of Smell-Arthritis-Nursing-CA/Warning Labels-How To GAIN
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[1] I watch your segments on the "Marilyn and Sarah" show. Thanks so much for all the valuable information you provide! My question centers around sleep issues. My 84 year old mother has suffered from heart disease (had a quadruple bypass), type 2 diabetes, memory loss, kidney issues, & depression (etc.). She stays up all night long watching TV, reading, & doing crossword puzzles (etc.). I don't know how long she sleeps during the day, but I know that the lack of a stable sleep schedule (and lack of sleep) has had adverse effects on her health. I've tried to talk to her about this many times, but she states that since she is retired, she doesn't need to go to bed at any certain time etc.. The hour she goes to bed & the length of time she sleeps have no consistency. Can you provide some medical facts that support the importance of healthy & consistent sleep schedule? I was told it was important to go to bed between 10 to midnight every night. What are the effects of an "awake all night - sleep all day" sleep schedule? IT IS QUITE SIMPLE, THE BODY CREATES GROWTH HORMONE AT NIGHT, AND REPAIRS TISSUES, IF SHE WANTS TO ENJOY HER RETIREMENT SHE WOULD BE WISE TO ENJOY THE YEARS AND SLEEP.

[2] Dear Dr. Bob, thank you for sending me yr e mails. I have a question: How can I clean my sinus? I recently had a cold and I notice some yellowish-green stuff coming out of nose. I was surprised because I never thought I had issues with my sinus even though my nose (at least one side at a time) get clogged up when I lie down in bed at night. I use organic concentrated peppermint oil and rub it on my nose and at the opening (not inside, because it is concentrated it's very strong). Peppermint helps but I am Looking for a solution to get rid of this problem once and for all. I tried to eat well, I don’t eat out, or any type of junk food, and I use house remedies to help my body (usually food based like artichoke, parsley, cilantro, lemons, etc.). SINUS ISSUES ARE COMMON WITH PEANUT BUTTER, GLUTEN, SUGAR AND DAIRY

[3] I keep getting boils. How can I prevent get boils? They keep coming back in the same area. Very painful...could you give me some advice? FROM MY EXPERIENCE BOILS ARE COMMON WITH THOSE WHO HAVE SUGAR ISSUES.

[4] Can you address the cause & cures of lymphedema and lipidemia ? Is there a special diet to flush the lymphatic system or must I just rely on compression garment treatments for my legs at home (I have a pump & leg garments) as well as wear compression hose? I was diagnosed Oct. of 2015 prior to total left knee replacement and right knee is now bone on bone. (Compression is painful to the knees). My arms, belly & upper torso are beginning to retain fluid. I have had one severe manifestation of cellulitis behind my left knee, and 1 other light episode behind each knee. Special cream was prescribed. No further outbreaks. The only meds I take are diuretics. I was able to receive a few massage treatments by certified Lymph Therapist prior to moving to present area where none are available, (do not have transportation to previous city of treatments), and do self massage as instructed by Therapist. Beyond prayer, I am at a loss as to where to turn now. Your advise & prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank God I found you on Marilyn Hickeys' broadcast ! God bless you! I WOULD BOUNCE ON A BALL EVERYDAY. THAT WILL HELP MOVE FLUIDS

[5] My mother is 88 and can't smell. She can't smell her food. I read this comes with age for some but what can she take to help her. Or could it be her diet. What is the name of this condition? WE SUPPLEMENT WITH ZINC. AVOID GLUTEN

She also has arthritis on one of her knee and it hurts and she sometimes walks in pain. What can she do or take? She doesn't want surgery. She already had a knee replacement on the other knees 5 years ago. Sometimes she gets sad and depressed and wants to go home to heaven. I know this is natural for people her age. A friend of mine suggested a knee brace. Will it work? Or should i tell her to go home? I know it's really up to her. I don't like to see her suffer. She lives in an independent complex community. SUGAR AND DAIRY CREATES PAIN

[6] Best way to manage hormones while nursing? I'm 35 and a Mom of 4. I WOULD SUGGEST USING OPTIMAL EFA’S

[7] Hello Dr. Bob I just want to know should I be concerned about the warning label that is located on some of these exercise tools such as a body ball or jump rope or yoga socks? The warning says this product contains one or more chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm, including DEHP, phthalate chemical. Is this really true? So how are to exercise safely with products that may release a chemical that could cause harm. TOXINS CREATE DISTRESS TO THE LIVER.

[8] 1. I see that you wear glasses. What is your opinion on LASIK surgery? I had it a couple of months ago. And it GREAT not having to have glasses to burden me down. And I feel Beautiful now too!! I WOULD PREFER TO LEAVE MY BODY PARTS ALONE

[9] Hi i would like to add weight in the right way how is it possible for me to do so in a healthy ,i have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Thank you. ALMONDS, AVOCADOS, ALMOND BUTTER, BUTTER. AVOID GRAINS AND SWEETS.

[10] A year ago I had an emergency complete hysterectomy. Expected swelling and healing of my stomach area to take place, but it still remains puffy (like I'm pregnant) and now experience pressure on my diaphragm even more after eating even a little which makes it hard to breathe. Any ideas?. WORK ON SUPPORTING LIVER FUNCTION.

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