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11 Min Articles_of_Freedom Video
(249 views) Uploaded 1/26/2011 6:30:03 AM by DragonflyMedicine   (8 videos)

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I just stumbled this site and am still checking it out..but my take so far is this..The 'Articles of Freedom' website is a collective effort to wake folks up and to have our political officials and government officials be held accountable for their crimes against the 'people' ( via petition signatures; "..to participate in coordinated, non-violent, and legal and Constitutional civic actions to stop the violations" and to "..restore and maintain Constitutional obedience in America." It seems there was a petition set up last year and they apparently have videos on youtube. This is a perfect example of 'how' and 'what' news (info-tainment) gets filtered to us through the mainstream media..keeping people clueless, busy, and oblivious to the 'REAL' world around us and things they don't want us to be aware of. And, if I had known before today, about this petition, I would have signed it.
More information@ http://articlesoffreedom.us/Introduction.aspx

Video Keywords: constitution        april    2009    articles of freedom    delivery day    restore the constitution   

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