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MCS - With Eyes Wide Shut
(382 views) Uploaded 8/3/2010 4:51:32 AM by MCS-International.Org   (4 videos)

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"MCS: With Eyes Wide Shut" is a short MCS-International.Org news video based on the BBC Somerset radio coverage of the attempted legal eviction of severe ME/CFS and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) sufferer Gillian McCarthy on the 10th August 2009 .

The live radio show (Drive with Elise Rayner) featured South Somerset District Councillor Ric Pallister and MCS-International.Org's founder Gordon D McHendry who also suffers from severe forms of the ME/CFS and MCS illnesses.

For more information on Gillian McCarthy visit our web site and type "Gillian McCarthy" into our site search engine:


The BBC Radio coverage used is this public awareness video has been put into the public domain by MCS-International.Org in the public interest under a banner of fair use.

Video Keywords: uk    multiple chemical sensitivity    mcs    gordon d mchendry    mcs - with eyes wide shut    gillian mccarthy    professor malcolm hooper    dr anne macintyre    eviction    myalgic encephalomyelitis    scotland   

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