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Ask Dr Bob February: Hip Pain—Trigger Finger—Anxiety—Chronic Cough—Hypothyroid Supplements—Ear Lobe Sign—Water
(1527 views) Uploaded 2/20/2015 11:25:14 AM by DruglessDoctor   (587 videos)

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Post surgical hip pain can occur because of the position one is in after they have any type of abdominal or pelvic surgery. You will want to have a standing digital x-ray of your pelvis area and treat according with a skilled spinal manipulator. Trigger finger (tenosynovitis) challenges typically will respond to a Vitamin B6 protocol; you may also consider Flax oil and a combination of Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium. An EFA blood spot test would help determine what oil your body could use. Anxiety and depression or feeling low can respond to the right oil, thyroid function and B vitamins. We now have the ability to test through a 24 hour urine the metabolites impacting neuro transmitters. A chronic cough often is a sign of adrenal stress and a Vitamin D deficiency. We also suggest grinding up calcium and putting it in water and drinking up to a quart or two of water with the calcium in it for chronic coughs. It would be wise to have his Vitamin D levels tested. We suggest protocols for thyroid function based on the blood test results. There is a crease in the ear on those who may have experienced heart distress; called Franks Sign. This change in the ear lobe is something one should look into if you notice it and you are under 60. I drink reverse osmosis water. www.druglessdoctor.com or www.druglessdrs.com

Video Keywords: water    calcium    reverse osmosis    hip pain    magnesium    hysterectomy    drugless    heart health    cough    cold hands    ask dr bob    efa blood spot    trigger finger    tenosynovitis    hypo thyroid    franks sign    ear lobe   

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