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The Robert Scott Bell Show "End the Med!" - 11/07/2010 - Hour 1
(212 views) Uploaded 11/8/2010 2:13:18 PM by RobertScottBell   (60 videos)

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What is the political fallout from the 2010 midterm election and do you have enough nutrition to see what really happened? This hour, delivering post-election commentary like nowhere else in media!

End the mandate? Likely Speaker-of-the-House-to-be John Boehner may talk a good game about repealing Obamacare, but why should we believe that he is anything other than a Big Government Republican?

Is your representative on Monsanto’s payroll? Did you know that insurers are already pressing the GOP on its health-care agenda? Why is Big Pharma already lobbying the GOP?

After doing some political healing, I will reveal what must happen before any healthcare reform is even possible. What does “End the Med” mean? If your favorite politician has an idea to improve health care and it does not include this as its starting point, it can’t be reform.

What’s at the heart of an American health care system on life support? Can you say “Medical Monopoly?” Democrats or Republicans? Neither get it. After this hour, you’ll never be duped by Orwellian health care reform again.

Scott Kennedy (Super Sea Veg) returns with the whole food update and reveals the cognitive necessity for the consumption of sea vegetation.

Video Keywords: big pharma    monsanto    scott kennedy    election    john boehner    obamacare    end the med    medical monopoly    sea vegetation   

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