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Two Essential Supplements, Natural Deodorant and Raw
(1275 views) Uploaded 10/28/2010 3:01:46 AM by KevinGianni   (668 videos)

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http://www.therenegadehealthshow.com - WOW!

We got a ton of questions from the last couple of days, which is awesome! That means more people are watching. :-)

Be sure to tell your friends about the show by sending them an email.

In this episode, I address the two supplements I'd take if I was on a budget, the best natural deodorant (it's not what you think!), raw food for diabetics, coconut water, when to take probiotics, and more.

I also have an amazing viewer's attempt at the Viktoras Kulvinskas 5-Times Fast Challenge! So far 7 people have taken me up on the challenge, will you be next? :-)

Go ahead, watch and have some fun...

Video Keywords: water    natural    probiotics    diabetics    coconut    deodorant    essential food    for green    jameth    raw supplements    vitamineral   

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