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Ask Dr. Bob: Raw Honey-Hyperthyroid/Sweating-Achilles Tendonitis-Alkaline H20-Vitamin D-Arimidex Alternative-Ileocecal v
(78 views) Uploaded 1/7/2017 7:19:42 AM by DruglessDoctor   (587 videos)

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Ask Dr. Bob:

[1] What about local raw honey and building up tolerances, pollen etc. HONEY IS 95% SUGAR

[2] I'm a 21 yr old female. I do have hyperthyroidism. I exercise, but my body doesn't produce any sweat as a response to the heat generated in my body. I understand that hyperthyroidism patients shouldn't exercise much because we already face increased metabolism and exercising increases it too, but I go through a lot of stress and so that particular 1 hour at the gym makes me feel good ( actually I feel heaven everywhere after a workout😜😜😀😀) as it increases serotonin in my body. I have anxiety. I face difficulties while talking. My body is always hot, heated up. And all these are the symptoms I suffer from. I understand calcium can ease my problem, but are there any other things which might help my problem. Kindly help me if u can. I'd be grateful. Thank u. 😊😊😊. I WOULD SUGGEST YOU MAY CONSIDER A BLOOD CHEMISTRY TO EVALUATE YOUR MINERALS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THE CACLCIUM AND PHOSPHOROUS RATIO

[3] Any tips for treating Achilles tendonitis and clawing toes for a 64 yr old man. Also anything for the severe pain it causes. Many thanks Bernadette. UK B6 AND OMEGA 3 OILS, CALCIUM, MAGNESIUM AND POTASSIUM

[4] Alkaline water, is it safe to drink. I WOULD AVOID IT, MODIFIES DIGESTION

[5] How often should I take vitamin D3-5. My number is at 40 right now. Thanks, EVERYDAY

[6] Dear Dr. Bob: Is there any natural/homeopathic type product that can be used in place of Arimidex? I dislike any prescribed medication. I’ve been on it over a year. I’m a cancer survivor. YES WE USE A PRODUCT CALLED CHRYSIN

5) Dear Dr. Bob, what are symptoms for ileo cecal valve problems and how can it be treated. LOWER BOWEL PAIN ON THE RIGHT SIDE.

[6] Any advice for thinning hair? HAVE YOUR THYROID CHECKED.

Video Keywords: vitamin d    alkaline water    thinning hair    sweating    ask dr. bob    hyperthyroid    tendonitis    arimidex    ileocecal valve    achilles   

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