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Thyroid Basics, A Functional Medicine Approach
(911 views) Uploaded 8/19/2010 7:45:59 AM by DrKrupka   (19 videos)

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http:www.DrKrupka.com, Feel like you have thyroid symptoms but your doctor disagrees?? Dr. Krupka explains basic thyroid function from a functional medicine perspective...easy to understand, and valuable information!

Video Keywords: functional medicine    thyroid dysfunction    hypothyroid    hashimotos    thyroiditis    tsh   

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Posted 8/19/2010
Great job Dr. Krupka...I feel like I finally feel like I'm starting to understand thyroid issues. Keep up the good work...we want MORE MORE MORE!
Posted 8/19/2010
That was an excellent explanation on thyroid function. I wish I heard this years ago, as I had no idea just how important the thyroid gland is. I went to my doctor many times with a checklist of symptoms and it took over a year to *finally* get a diagnosis of "Hypothyroidism". In that time, it nearly devastated my life both personally and professionally. I quit my job as I couldn't get out of bed, think clearly or function properly. (My levels when diagnosed were 54.86). It can be life altering and I hope people will listen to your advise. My physician told me that "fluoride" played a key role in damaging my thyroid, and from all my research, I agree with him 100%.

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