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Castor Plants
(12706 views) Uploaded 6/29/2010 by HealthRanger   (1038 videos)

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Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, introduces the lifecycle of castor plant, in which the seeds are the source of castor oil.

Video Keywords: caster oil    natural pestiside    endometriosis    environment    health ranger    mike adams    edgar casey   

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Posted 6/26/2011 4:07:31 PM
very good, and yes Edgar Cayce was great have read all his books, been to ARE in Va Bch, have this growing beside the pond behind folks house, also called mosquito plant as it repels them will take a bunch of seeds to El Salvador to start growing on the land where sustainable community will be also by the ponds we have for shrimp production and the oil also is good for bio diesel Viva El Frente/Verde
Posted 9/28/2010 10:38:00 AM
The Castor oil plant, Ricinus communis, is a species of flowering plant in the spurge family, Euphorbiaceae. It belongs to a monotypic genus, Ricinus, and subtribe, Ricininae. The evolution of castor and its relation to other species is currently being studied The name Ricinus is a Latin word for tick; the seed is so named because it has markings and a bump at the end which resemble certain ticks. The common name "castor oil" probably comes from its use as a replacement for castoreum, a perfume base made from the dried perineal glands of the beaver (castor in Latin). It has another common name, palm of Christ, or Palma Christi, that derives from castor oil's ability to heal wounds and cure ailments. CAUTION....CASTOR BEANS ARE ALSO USED TO MAKE THE DEADLY POISON RICIN.. FROM WIKIPEDIA "Ricin is poisonous if inhaled, injected, or ingested, acting as a toxin by the inhibition of protein synthesis. It is resistant, but not impervious, to digestion by peptidases. By ingestion, the p

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