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What is GMO? ( Genetically Modified Organisms ) Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes and Autism?
(1770 views) Uploaded 10/18/2011 2:50:09 AM by CertifiedHealthNut   (9 videos)

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At the World Food Freedom Day with Millions Against Monsanto. Troy Casey lectures in Los Angeles on the dangers of GMO's genetically engineered foods on the human population and environment. We demand Truth in labeling for our right to healthy choices!

Clean air, water soil is our common human heritage for a healthy future for mankind! GMO's cannot coexist with humans!

FDA, USDA, US government is in collusion with Monsanto and other biotech companies making the human population guinea pigs/test monkeys and lab rats for their untested and dangerous toxic compounds.

What are GMO doing in food? Truth In Labeling Genetically Engineered ingredients.

Video Keywords: cancer    obesity    environment    jeffrey smith    gmo        chemicals    autism    obama    genetically modified organisms    dangerous    free energy    food freedom    agent orange    truth in labeling    troy casey    certified health nut    tom vilsack    michael taylor   

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