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Lithuania Prime Minister's interview with Japanese television, NHK of Visaginas nuclear power plant
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VERY likely that politicians are dull and blind!
It does not matter to them citizens consider that!
- What is your opinion of Visaginas nuclear power plant project in Lithuania's economy and the importance of Lithuania's energy security?
- The strategic energy independence and energy security are among the most important priorities. Twenty years ago, we regained its political independence, we have managed to create an independent market economy, but even after twenty years of our independence, we are still very dependent on energy supplies from Russia and gas sector - up to 100 percent. Since then, some have canceled the Ignalina nuclear power plant, 60 percent of the electricity we buy from Russia eded. It is natural that this situation forces us to operate very effectively in these times of change. As regards the electricity sector, currently a common Baltic electricity market, which consists of the three Baltic countries, ie Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. We look forward to trying to find the most efficient electric power generation method that meets the challenges posed by climate change. We are convinced that nuclear energy is a very good choice, especially in Lithuania. By 2009, the end we were the nuclear state with its own nuclear energy capacity, so you can say that we have a tradition of producing nuclear energy, we have adequate manpower, good experience, so we, in spite of the world, are in favor of new nuclear power plant construction.
- Another issue is that your neighbors Russia and Belarus are also preparing to build its nuclear power plants, as well as Lithuania. How is it possible to assess the economic point of view? And is it possible that all these power plants operate in one region?
- First of all, our Visaginas plant has a very clear economic rationale, as well as a very clear nuclear safety standards, because we've taken all the necessary environmental impact assessment procedures, including the impact on neighboring countries. Power plant site evaluation by international experts and their conclusions were positive. We know where we are going to realize the power that will be produced in Visaginas. This is particularly the Baltic market. Our economy is growing very rapidly after the crisis. And it seems that Lithuania's economic growth will be one of the highest in the European Union this year, ie about 6-7 percent. Thus, the electricity demand is really high, especially in the future. At our project is different from, say, the Kaliningrad region of the project. Where they sell their electricity output, if - and I say, if they build their own power? They are really faced with the problem of disposal of electrical energy. Electricity interconnections with Poland, they do not, I do not know if Germany, which begins dismantling its nuclear power plants, whether they wish to buy nuclear power from Russia. Poland intends to build its nuclear power plants. It may be possible to say about nuclear power plant project in Kaliningrad. A nuclear power plant in Belarus, we understand that the future of Belarus will take additional nuclear capacity. However, at present Belarusian economic and financial situation is very serious, it is not very clear how it is able to finance such a project. For us this project is concerned. Belarus is a big country, much higher than in Lithuania, about 10 times higher than in Lithuania. We are concerned about the location to which Belarus wants to choose a power plant, because the area is close to our capital city. About 50 kilometers from Vilnius, so we try to negotiate with them, trying to convince them that such a solution is not very good nuclear safety. We hope that they will find other places, however, such a power plant. It should be noted that during the past six years we have been able to persuade the European Union, that "resistance tests" would not only apply to the European Union, the maintenance or future nuclear power plants, but also in neighboring countries planned to build plants. .
- Japanese consortia involved in plant construction Lithuania competition, but how do you think that after the accident Fukushima possible to maintain confidence in Japan's nuclear technology strong as possible?
- Well, we very shocked by this tragedy and we felt a deep emotional solidarity with the Japanese people. Such a tragedy caused by the tsunami or earthquake unfortunately happens in certain parts of the world and is sometimes very difficult to predict how it will affect various industries. But after this tragedy, we have made a very important, but also very practical conclusions. As far as nuclear energy, should be a priority for nuclear safety. We need to implement the highest standards of nuclear safety, we have a tradition and we have to negotiate with the EU and the international community on how to improve those standards. And as I mentioned, we're pleased that the Commission decided to carry out resistance tests. In addition, our region, namely the Baltic states Lithuania and, of course, very suitable for nuclear power plant. Fortunately for us to bypass the major earthquakes or tsunamis, such as Japan to you. I also want to say that we are pleased that our strategic investor, announced the contest of such global giants as General Electric-Hitachi and Toshiba-Westinghouse. Both are very good and both made the findings of a higher standard of safety. And I think that this contest is the most powerful and compete in the world's best-known concerns, is certainly a very good contest. And we look forward to only the very best results.
- And when you can learn the specific outcome of the contest?
- We still do not know what will be the winner. Procedure is very responsible. We have a special selection panel which will select the winner of which will be further negotiated. We hope that this work will be carried out successfully and efficiently. And as I said, we both proposals are very interesting. And competition between the two bidders - Hitachi and Westinghouse - we are very useful.
- Thank you very much, Mr. Prime Minister.

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